DATSARCH (Daria Tsagaraki Architects) is a creative architectural practice based in Athens, with extensive experience in architectural design, founded by Daria Tsagaraki. The later has received the Ms degree of Architecture from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), in 1988 and has been working in the architectural field ever since. From 1998 to 2018 she has been a co-founder and principal in MOB architects. Throughout her carrier she was involved in the design of office buildings, hotels, many residences and residential complexes, shops, industrial buildings, public open spaces, landscaping, interior design etc. The extensive experience gained in over more than 30 years of practice and the organization of planning procedures result in projects that are realized according to the aspirations of the program and budget, with technical expertise and great attention to detail.
In each project DATSARCH seek new ways to integrate an organizing idea with the programmatic and functional essence of a building, balancing vision with realism. Rather than imposing a specific style upon different sites, climates and cultures, the unique character of a program and a site, become the starting point for an architectural idea. While exploring each work in its specific site and circumstance, the team seeks to establish a deeper relationship with place through the comprehension of local factors such as history, views, climate, surrounding textures, colors etc.
During the design procedure many directions are researched and functions are structured in relation to the adjacent built or unbuilt environment and to the natural world. In this process networks of open and enclosed, encounters and routes are formed in a constantly active situation of suggestions of coexistence, urbanity and interconnections. Main topics addressed in all the projects are organization, color and detail. Organization is considered as an issue of functionality but not purely, as it can be achieved in a variety of quite diverse approaches depending on the circumstances. Color refers to those features of the textures of materials which are conceived as chromatic graduations or contrasts, reflections or shading, under the incidence of light. Color is applied to define and order structural entities, to accentuate relationships between volumes and surfaces, to alter the density of interior spaces, to soften the glare deriving from intense sunlight. Detailing is a key component of every project and it is treated with great concern and discipline, whether concerning a single element, or more typical repeated ones. The aim is always to produce spaces that integrate and reveal the qualities of the location, to introduce the textures and tints of materials that realize the objectives of design and in the end, to combine all of the individual elements in an overall appealing concept.
The firm is deeply concerned about resiliency and sustainable development. This is not only about the incorporation of the appropriate for the project sustainable technologies and design strategies according to the particular conditions, but it is also about identity, flexibility to change, durability, orientation and shading, correct use of materials, cost effectiveness.

scope of work
The main activity of the practice is architectural, interior and landscape design, from concept, to schematic and detailed design. The office also frequently deals with feasibility research, consulting, project management, permit procedures, market research and construction management or supervision. The firm is highly experienced in coordinating design teams of various disciplines and in resolving complicated issues.


DATSARCH employ multidisciplinary, creative and effective staff. The main disciplines involved are architects, secretarial and support staff.

Daria Tsagaraki

Projects referred to above, dated from 1998 to 2018, are realised within the company MOBarchitects that was officially solved in 2021.
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