municipal art gallery

municipal art gallery

location: medieval city of Rhodes island, Dodecanese, Greece  |  bua: 1.104 m2  |  design: 2019  |

The “Andreas Ioannou” Art Gallery of the Museum of Modern Greek Art of the Municipality of Rhodes is one of the oldest galleries in the country; housing an important collection of artwork. The Gallery is hosted in a listed building, constructed during the Interwar Decade, which is located in Symi Square at the entrance of the Medieval City of Rhodes. The façades of the building retain the rhythm and elements of a medieval building, while internally it appears to be an amalgamation of elements of the Interwar Decade and later interventions. The brief included the functional remodeling of the layout of the building and the detailed design of the main entrance and the shop.
The concept design regarding the interior of the building (general layout, furnishing, finishes) aimed at retaining the existing structure and rhythm. Therefore, the gentle and subtle interventions, that were introduced, tried to upgrade and highlight the significance of both the existing build fabric and the artifacts that it hosts.
The building has three levels, the ground floor level, the mechanical mezzanine floor level, the first floor level and is sub-divided to the following functional sections:
-the antechamber,
-the temporary and periodical exhibition spaces (multipurpose space),
-the spaces for hosting educational program events, screenings and conferences etc.,
-the auxiliary and supporting spaces such as: sanitary facilities, offices, mechanical mezzanine floor level, artwork warehouse.

The layout of the above sections in the building was designed in a way that optimally serves the artwork exhibition and functional needs of the gallery.
The entrance to the building is through the tallest and most imposing door on the ground floor. The ceiling of the entrance area is shaped in a characteristic groin vault. In the southern part of the entrance was placed the information counter – ticket issuance and the cloakroom.
Following the entrance, the visitor is found at the Antechamber which functions as a threshold that leads to the Museum Shop, the Educational Programs – Multipurpose Spaces to the south and to the Exhibition Foyer to the north.
The Museum Shop was designed in the northeastern part of the building. Its furniture included display cabinets and showcases, the cash register counter as well as shelving on the surrounding walls. In immediate vicinity to the Shop, the Educational Programs – Multipurpose Spaces were allocated.

To the north of the Antechamber is the Exhibition Foyer, from where the elevator to the first floor is accessible. Furthermore, the Exhibition Foyer borders ​​the Periodical Exhibitions space and the visitors’ sanitary areas. Due to the special requirements in electromechanical installations, a mechanical mezzanine floor level was added to place the relevant equipment.
The first floor level is mainly occupied by the Exhibition spaces where the permanent collection of the Gallery is displayed. At this level the offices and the artwork warehouse of the collection are also located.

Projects referred to above, dated from 1998 to 2018, are realised within the company MOBarchitects that was officially solved in 2021.
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